Thursday, July 23, 2015

Emailing companies for products

I know that there have been articles like the $39 experiment and things like that. I just want to give my own opinion on the subject and give my personal do's and don't's. 

DO email companies if you love their products. DONT go looking to get rewarded. Companies need to know if their product is doing well how you like so they don't go changing the formula around. Sometimes they might feel they aren't reaching their customers interest level and do something drastic. Let them know you are loyal to them. 

DO email companies if you tried a product and there was a problem or if you didn't like the taste etc. DONT be mean and most of all DONT lie to a company that you hated a product to get a free product from them. It's my pet peeve with the whole scenario. Just. Don't. Do. It. 

DO give recommendations, or ideas on how you think they could improve. 

DO ask if they offer samples. If you want to try before you buy because you don't want to spend $30 on a product that might make you break out. Worse thing they can say is no and if they say yes you might find a company you would love to drop a pretty penny on (like my love for natures gate 😝) 

Give your opinion people it's your money, and body we are what keeps companies healthy so why shouldn't they do the same for us? 

But please I cannot reiterate this enough do not lie! 

If any of you have found great products you would like to share and give your own review please feel free to comment. Let me know your likes and dislikes. Let me know how emailing companies has worked for you. 

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