Thursday, July 30, 2015

Crowdtap rave

I know I have mentioned Crowdtap before in a recent publish but I am just so pleased because like I mentioned before you can win gift cards from them. Earlier this month I won a few and now I have finally used them up. 

I was able to get my husband a game he really wanted and tonight I bought a lip balm from sephora. It was on sale for $5 and I did end up paying 1.68 sephora is super expensive so I feel so lucky to have even a lip balm along the way. 

I also that you can get samples from sephora too. I will be reviewing both items soon but probably the balm first and the game when my husband has time to fill me in on all details. 

Keep tappin crowdtappers! If you haven't been on Crowdtap this month everything starts over on the 1st of August. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Emailing companies for products

I know that there have been articles like the $39 experiment and things like that. I just want to give my own opinion on the subject and give my personal do's and don't's. 

DO email companies if you love their products. DONT go looking to get rewarded. Companies need to know if their product is doing well how you like so they don't go changing the formula around. Sometimes they might feel they aren't reaching their customers interest level and do something drastic. Let them know you are loyal to them. 

DO email companies if you tried a product and there was a problem or if you didn't like the taste etc. DONT be mean and most of all DONT lie to a company that you hated a product to get a free product from them. It's my pet peeve with the whole scenario. Just. Don't. Do. It. 

DO give recommendations, or ideas on how you think they could improve. 

DO ask if they offer samples. If you want to try before you buy because you don't want to spend $30 on a product that might make you break out. Worse thing they can say is no and if they say yes you might find a company you would love to drop a pretty penny on (like my love for natures gate 😝) 

Give your opinion people it's your money, and body we are what keeps companies healthy so why shouldn't they do the same for us? 

But please I cannot reiterate this enough do not lie! 

If any of you have found great products you would like to share and give your own review please feel free to comment. Let me know your likes and dislikes. Let me know how emailing companies has worked for you. a recommendation to all

As you guys know I'm in love with organic products and living. I really enjoy teaching people about organic living because it is important and many don't really understand it or why. 

I came across a site that teaches you everything!!! It's like being in a organic online classroom you watch a video read a little article and take a quiz. 

Even though I'm constantly learning and reading about bad ingredients I have learned a lot from them. What I didn't know was that after you complete a mission, they will send you samples of organic things. Nothing big but I have appreciated the products they have sent because I didn't know they existed. 

They have sent me a few fish oil omega swirl packets which are from the brand barleans. I have added them in juice and who knew that fish oil gets rid of a bad headache?! They also sent me a coupon for a free thing of organic juice which I haven't gotten to use yet and they sent me a little packet of acai lemonade powder you add to water. All organic and I loved it. 

They have already taught me so much and helped me discover knew products. They also have an area afterward that shows you better alternative organic products to replace the "normal" groceries you usually buy. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Natures gate

I recently came across a brand called natures gate. I am always on the lookout for organic products, or especially things GOOD for my skin, which is sensitive. I always get nervous buying something and finding out I wasted my money. 

So I did ask them if they were willing to send me some samples which they did and now I am in love!!!!!! All their products are vegan, para an free, non-GMO, soy free, mineral oil free, petroleum free, PEG free, butylene glycol free, and cruelty free! 

Some I have used up already but the first thing I tried was their papaya lotion. 

I have to say that as soon as I opened the little heavenly packet the scent was beautiful! After I applied it the scent stayed quite awhile it was non greasy and smooth. Their lotion retails at $9.99 and found out the sells their papaya lotion! 

They also sent me 
All their products smelt and felt great no breakouts and I felt so clean and happy after cleansing, moisturizing, and applying the night cream and eye cream I slept so well and woke up glowing. 

I also had one of my best friends try some too (they sent me quite a few packets) and she now is in love with the line too. 

I also received a packet of hand soap and made my hands clean and moisturized. My husband has skin sensitivity and he had no issue using this soap either. 

They also sent me a packet of shower gel but I was so excited I used it all up and stupidly put the empty packet in the trash but it was acai. Mmmm

All in all no one can beat natures gate to me, they aren't even super expensive either usually between $5-$10 per product and well worth the money. 

Even my super manly man construction working husband thinks they are the best. It's always nice to hear your husband tell you, you smell nice or how soft and radiant your skin looks. 

Natures gate; ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 

This is the only way to describe how I feel about this. 

Crowdtap: let your voice be heard.

So I really feel the need to promote this site, I have been on crowdtap for a little now and now have the hang of it. It's really refreshing when a site wants to hear your opinions and not just advertise to your friends constantly! 

They have what is called "quick hits" which are quick questions you ask HONESTLY which helps a brand understand their customers more for better and improved products. For example Splenda is one of the brands I have. I refuse to consume Splenda because of the dangerous artificial sweeteners so I tell them when I can that I do not use their product for blah blah blah reasons. But anyway! To my next point. 

For every quick hit you complete you receive 20 points. 

The point system is easy for every 100 points you get an entry the more entries the higher chance of winning a prize (usually $5 Amazon gift cards) sometimes you win sometimes you don't. I have received 3 and was able to buy my husband a video game he'd been wanting forever (assassins creed black flag!) it's nice they give back to people who voice their opinion. 

If you collect enough points you get in the "top 100" which give you a few more entries I believe. 

They also have other tasks which vary in points whether it's posting a picture or answering a question they have. Answers must be approved and are rated by other crowdtappers. Don't bs the text challenges! Sometimes they even have sample sharing which is nice and fun. You review it and tell crowdtap your opinion right on the site. 

Everything starts over beginning of every month. 

I only am upset with them because their text challenges well the typing is superrrrrr slow. I meant one letter a second no joke and hope they fix it soon. If you are frustrated don't worry there is no penalty for not completing content or text challenges. 

But if you enjoy giving your opinion and you care about what products come out sign up today

Social nature: vega sports

I received vega sports protein powder, electrolyte powder and before and after workout drink powders. 

For those that don't know is a product review site for organic products and they are amazing. 

However, while I am delighted to see organic and vegan workout powders, I couldn't get past the taste. Even though I felt great it took all my might to choke them down and only got through about half and gave up on the last packet. 

My husband also tried them and could not do it either. It wasn't personal taste turning me off it was the fact that it was grainy and didn't taste right. 

The product is worth a shot to try at least because of the benefits, if you can get through it great! If not, don't feel bad. 

Vega sports I feel bad for saying this but my star report; +1 star for being organic, +1 star for after affects, +1 for vegan (vegans need love too!) but that's all. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bzzagent: tide pods

I received tide pods free from Bzzagent and they had sent me about 25 individual sample tide pods. I have given some to friends to try who will also be giving me feedback after they use a few. 

My personal review of the tide pods is this, they are highly convienient and I really enjoy first off that it is less messy to put a tide pod in the wash than liquid detergent. They leave no mess and dissolve well I found no remnants what so ever. 

I didn't notice any particular aroma from them as much as a normal detergent but my clothes smelt clean and looked clean. 

A huge reason my husband and I were excited to try this campaign is because my husband is allergic to tide detergent and tide pods claim to be good with sensitive skin no harsh chemicals eye. 

I figured tide and Bzzagent would get a pretty accurate review on that aspect of it worked for my husband and it did. No irritation or rashes. Tide has kept to their word, and has delivered a great product. 

I had my doubts when seeing them in the store before now I can honestly say they are worth the cash. 

I also find it worth the cash so that when I am traveling around or visiting people in another town it's more convienient to carry tide pods for laundry than a huge hug of detergent. 

Five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️