Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The cream of the crop of mascara.

I had to write a rave review about an amazing experience. I had gotten a sample of better than sex mascara by too faced, (it came with a value set I purchased.) 

As I opened the little mini bottle I laughed at how "clumpy" it looked. I was a big fan of Rimmel scandal eyes and was not willing to budge. 

However, I tried it. As I applied I felt my flat little lashes move upward and stay there. One coat and my eyelashes were lifted and very well coated and evenly. There was no clumps, as I applied a few more coats it transformed my look. 

I completely underestimated this little bottle of lovelines, I now wonder how I ever survived without it.

I used every last drop of that sample, and ended up buying the full bottle. ($23) but they also had a 20% off sale and free shipping which too faced usually has a great sale.

Even for the full price it's now my special always buy. I needed to shout this out and especially because I see mixed reviews on it all the time. But the things people complain about I can't comprehend. 

Too faced's better than sex is angelic! 

Enough said.

Get the most out of your online sephora experience

Even though I love shopping at sephora and I love the high end products sometimes I feel it's a shame to get only one product in the mail. 

Since I shop on a budget and want the most for my buck my first tip about getting more is;

#1 take advantage of mobile sales. They usually require a $25 purchase to qualify. I don't feel a little packet of foundation is quite worth it but at times they have promos like the fall faves promo. With a $25 purchase you get (I forget) between 8-10 fragrant samples. 

I was beyond pleased about this because I was able to try scents that are very high end and there were quite a few that did not mix well with me. Some were too great and now I know about perfumes that go well with me. 

The Hanae Mori I've discovered is my absolute favorite. 

#2 birthday freebies
Sephora always has birthday freebies and this year is the choice between Marc Jacobs beauty (a deluxe sample lipstick and eyeliner) or fresh mini set which is skincare. You are eligible for a birthday freebie when you sign up to be a beauty insider. It's free and fast.

#3 rewards program
I'm not going to lie being on a budget it's hard to rack up these points which is 1 point per $1 spent. The deluxe samples are quite small but it's an extra perk. 

On the plus side for us frugal gals being a beauty insider I have received a couple of surveys from sephora. They just wanted to know about shopping experience etc and rewarded me with rewards points. 

I ended up with 150 maybe more free rewards points. It's not constant but keep a lookout for those emails. 

#4 always snag your three free samples and remember that any purchase over $50 is free shipping. 

#5 buy value sets
If you are unsure about a brand there are numerous value sets with deluxe samples of products from their line. There is a pretty decent amount of them in the $25 range. 

# sales items!
Always check for items on sale you never know what will pop up and they go pretty quick. It's how I got my urban decay ammo palette for $16 

My tactic is I usually wait for a great mobile promo usually the bags of free samples, and my next purchase I'm planning on doing just that and adding numerous 100 points samples (3-4) and snagging up those three free samples. 

Ah nothing better than digging through a box of sephora goodies.