Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rimmel london worth it or not?

Absolutely yes! I love makeup but rimmel has always sold high quality makeup for a cheaper price. 

Their mascara (scandal eyes) has proven to be the best I have bought. I have tried numerous mascaras but rimmel isn't caky or stinky. It's a very nice formula that never fails to make my eyelashes look great. 

It also doesn't irritate my eyes like other mascaras. 

Rimmel eyeshadow; I have one palette and it has proven to be long lasting (especially with a primer) it blends well, highly pigmented. Their eyeshadow is sure to make your eye color "Pop" 

Rimmel lip laquer; the one I purchased was on sale while its a little too bright for me it smells incredible. I don't find it too sticky. 

Rimmel eye liner; I have the exaggerate waterproof eyeliner and it never fails to define my eyes. It lasts all day, not irritating, and is dark. 

Rimmel gel eyeliner; now this is where I'm at a crossroads, I loved one of their gel eyeliners it had a built in brush and it lasted forever but now I can't find it where I live now :( 

I purchased the scandal eyes gel liner (one with separate brush and the thing has a crown on the top)
and it was not so good. It was caky, flaky, and I didn't like the application. 

Fortunately I emailed them because companies want to hear feedback. They were extremely kind and appreciated the feedback. 

All in all yes Rimmel is fantastic and it is my go to daily makeup routine (even though I try others) it's hard to compare to rimmel.

On top of it all they do not test on animals. Oh rimmel you have so won my heart. <3

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New site that led me to samples 

They have a large range, nicely organized, and while some were expired at the same time there were more hits than misses. 

I swear I probably spent 2 hours on that dang site and have at least 20 samples heading my way. 

I will post what I get, I'm becoming a sample junkie. Inside its like a big accomplishment when I collect a whole bunch of them. I also enjoy seeing samples along with the shitty bills that I dread to open. 

Maybe it's because the packaging makes everything look important even though it's a small sample pack of lotion lol. 

I will update this post when I find more sites but seriously this one is good.

Carefree liners... :( one star

I'm going to be honest I didn't do many tasks for this campaign from influenster. First off I would feel awkward spamming my male cousins with my opinion on panty liners. Also I'm not going to post something that I don't actually like. 

I give them credit for what they are but in my opinion I can't imagine a woman using this for her monthly. They are a mm thin, what's the point? Second of all they just look small. 

I don't really have much to say except

1 star, 
Okay I'll be nice 2 stars. Carefree is a good and popular brand I just don't like this product.

Schick hydro silk razors 5 stars

So I honestly wasn't sure how these would turn out. They are disposables and most of the time disposables are cheap and cause nicks and dull quickly. These razors are actually freaking amazing. They last awhile and don't get goopy, at least mine haven't. I got it free from Bzzagent who also sent me a can of skitimate and a loofah. I chose to shave with my normal soap to see how well my skin would react. 

Five stars! 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Purina one smartblend for cats

I have gotten purina one smartblend free from influenster. I have to say first off that thank you God for influenster, I am broke and ran out of cat food today. 

The excessive meowing was breaking my heart but as I stepped on my porch there it was. A nice 18 ounce bag with a coupon for a free $10 bag. (3.5)oz 

My cats were immediately excited as I opened it, usually I give my cats purina cat chow. But the smart blend they fell in love with. I have to say I'm loving the stuff because my cats love it. And my Scottish fold has an easier time eating it because of the oval shape. 

Thank you purina and influenster! 

5 stars!