Thursday, July 23, 2015

Crowdtap: let your voice be heard.

So I really feel the need to promote this site, I have been on crowdtap for a little now and now have the hang of it. It's really refreshing when a site wants to hear your opinions and not just advertise to your friends constantly! 

They have what is called "quick hits" which are quick questions you ask HONESTLY which helps a brand understand their customers more for better and improved products. For example Splenda is one of the brands I have. I refuse to consume Splenda because of the dangerous artificial sweeteners so I tell them when I can that I do not use their product for blah blah blah reasons. But anyway! To my next point. 

For every quick hit you complete you receive 20 points. 

The point system is easy for every 100 points you get an entry the more entries the higher chance of winning a prize (usually $5 Amazon gift cards) sometimes you win sometimes you don't. I have received 3 and was able to buy my husband a video game he'd been wanting forever (assassins creed black flag!) it's nice they give back to people who voice their opinion. 

If you collect enough points you get in the "top 100" which give you a few more entries I believe. 

They also have other tasks which vary in points whether it's posting a picture or answering a question they have. Answers must be approved and are rated by other crowdtappers. Don't bs the text challenges! Sometimes they even have sample sharing which is nice and fun. You review it and tell crowdtap your opinion right on the site. 

Everything starts over beginning of every month. 

I only am upset with them because their text challenges well the typing is superrrrrr slow. I meant one letter a second no joke and hope they fix it soon. If you are frustrated don't worry there is no penalty for not completing content or text challenges. 

But if you enjoy giving your opinion and you care about what products come out sign up today

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