Monday, March 14, 2016

App games that don't suck

Anybody who knows me personally knows that I'm always playing games on my phone. With today's phone games it's not like in the past where you purchase or download and it's all yours. There are in app purchases, time waits etc. 

I am not a person who likes to spend money on apps and I certainly do not like spending money on in app purchases. 

I find myself playing games that are great but impossible to play longer than a minute or two without the nagging feeling of buying something. 

Then there are games like flappy bird and color switch which is fine and dandy but I get annoyed fast, and what achievement am I getting? What am I working towards? A high score isn't enough for me. 

Here are the non sucky games I refuse to delete on my iPhone 

1) township
This game can be a pain at first but it honestly grows on you. There are so many elements that come into play and it's very easy to earn township cash, gems and all other things you need. 

You build a community, houses, a population, and you grow different things. As you progress you have different factories and farms that you use to make items to either sell using your helicopter, loading your trains to get building materials, your large shipment plane, or for your shops in the zoo (available at level 40.) 

There are too many great qualities to share them all but you honestly should check it out for yourself. Save your township cash though, use it for additional spaces in your factories. Also try to hold onto all your building materials you'll need them to build community buildings and expand your barn. 

2) puzzles and dragons
This game is entirely unique on its own, you match 3+ orbs as many as you can to create combos to attack enemy monsters. Each character is unique and some dungeons are harder than others, some are special dungeons they come and go. 

The higher rank you get the more things unlock over time like using monster points, multiplayer dungeons and ranking dungeons. 

Every dungeon which usually have 5 mini dungeons in them you get a magic stone for completion. You get log in rewards and you can also gain pal points which are used for the pal machine. 

Pal machine has different events throughout the month, usually; Evo, enhance and rare. 

The monsters you use to battle with you upgrade by fusing other monsters into them, or specifically enhancement monsters. Once at max you can Evo fuse and you need special monsters for that but once you have them they upgrade even further with better stats. 

Tips; save your magic stones, they are $1 a piece if you want to go that route but I am cheap and don't want to spend real money to enjoy a game. Don't waste them on saving yourself in a dungeon if you are defeated. 

I personally use mine for friend expansion, box expansion and of course rare egg machine, but only during godfest. 

Godfest is amazing and if you happen to get an Odin do not take it for granted he's easily one of the best characters but any God character keep it and Evo. 

3) cross logic 

This may seem like a plain game, annoying even but this game doesn't require Internet. A big thing when I didn't have internet for awhile. I have beaten this twice before and got to 100% and restarted. It ends up making pictures and you logically have to find out where to fill in the blanks. 

There are others with the same concept but I find this to be the most adaptable and largest collection. 

This game seems to calm me down when I have anxiety it's addicting and you'll want to play it a lot. 

4) temple run 2 
This is a fast acting little game, it can seem repetitive but you collect coins to further upgrade powers to make the game easier or whichever way you want to go. 

At least with this repetition there is a reason for it you have objectives as well as upgrades. 

This is also a game that doesn't require Internet another perk. The graphics are also very great for it being a simple game. 

There is temple run 1 it's good it's original but compared to their sequel the first one is purely for nostalgia. It takes way too long to upgrade power ups and you have no goals. 

Now everyone for my slight rant on games that made me almost break my phone. 

1) flappy bird; you've played, you know how annoying this is. It took my five minutes to not care anymore 
2) color switch; a flappy bird twist, rings matching colors instant death ugh.
3) fishdom; okay people this was made by the people of township, I thought it would be great until I realized it's impossible to win unless you spend real money. Clear 100 gold spots in 10 moves? No power ups and impossible to earn gems on a consistent basis. 
I loved the idea the creating a fish tank and I loved the puzzles the power ups all of it. But they are trying too hard to scam people and have no respect for that. 

Those were the ones on the top of my head. 

Honorable mentions 

Monster legends; awesome game except it constantly wants you to buy gems, better monsters at unfair prices. 2.3k for the better ones $50 for 600 gems (something along those lines) I'm not spending $100+ for a stupid monster. 
Clash of clans loved it for a time (sorry people became old after waiting a week to upgrade one building) 

Feel free to ask me any questions or make any comments. 

What are your favorite games?

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