Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The cream of the crop of mascara.

I had to write a rave review about an amazing experience. I had gotten a sample of better than sex mascara by too faced, (it came with a value set I purchased.) 

As I opened the little mini bottle I laughed at how "clumpy" it looked. I was a big fan of Rimmel scandal eyes and was not willing to budge. 

However, I tried it. As I applied I felt my flat little lashes move upward and stay there. One coat and my eyelashes were lifted and very well coated and evenly. There was no clumps, as I applied a few more coats it transformed my look. 

I completely underestimated this little bottle of lovelines, I now wonder how I ever survived without it.

I used every last drop of that sample, and ended up buying the full bottle. ($23) but they also had a 20% off sale and free shipping which too faced usually has a great sale.

Even for the full price it's now my special always buy. I needed to shout this out and especially because I see mixed reviews on it all the time. But the things people complain about I can't comprehend. 

Too faced's better than sex is angelic! 

Enough said.

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