Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Boxycharm rave.

I've only been subscribed to three makeup sub boxes (ipsy, Sephora play, and now boxycharm) but I've done quite a bit of research on others, watched tons of unboxings looked at rants and raves. 

After all you want to know you're getting product for your money. You want to actually enjoy what get and use it all. 

I have to say, after two months of boxycharm I'm beyond impressed. If you weren't sure about boxycharm I hope I can settle some questions for anyone reading or curious about boxycharm.

1) they do not make you spam on social media. 

I'm more likely not going to recommend a site or a referral link if I feel pressured. I don't want to be a walking ad to my friends. 

For those who have or had ipsy, you know that pain. Ipsy has a wait list, in order to get off the wait list you must post on social media, send email or Facebook messages etc. all I could think is, I haven't even gotten a box but you're pushing your product on my friends already. Honestly I made ipsy as only me on Facebook and then posted. Want points for a review? You only get 10/15 if you don't share on social media. Want to see a preview of what you got? Well you get the point.

Boxycharm had none of that, they do have the option to share your reviews but if you don't you still get the charm points. 

There's no referrals unless you truly feel like sharing and you do get charms if someone uses your link. 

2) full size products

Out of two months all my products have been full size, that also includes an eyeshadow palette and a magnetic z palette with six ofra shadows. Their colors also aren't weird. I can't tell you how many times ipsy and sometimes Sephora play has sent me bright Barbie pink lipstick. It just looks awful on me. So far I have gotten red and neutral brown color. Or ipsy would send weird liquid liners, I was in desperate need one month and though ipsy was sending a black liner, well it was green. It wasn't even well pigmented. I swear ipsy sends out the items no one will buy while boxycharm sends stuff people love

3) you can sign up anytime 

When I say you can sign up anytime, if you see a box you like, say it's this month of September, if you sign up before October 1st you'll get septembers box. Which I have to say is amazing!!!!!

4) the quality

I was unsure because it brands I've never heard of but I haven't had one complaint about any product I've gotten. The packaging on this months pur lipgloss was so nice. Reminds me of my B.T.S mascara by too faced. 

5) mostly organic 

Pretty much all the products I've gotten have been chemical free. While I haven't done the research I believe some might be vegan and seem cruelty free. 

I had a real hard time with ipsy because I have very sensitive skin, I usually use vegan products because of that reason. But there were plenty of products that hurt me from ipsy, whenever I got a random item I was too scared to use it. 

I feel boxycharm prides on being universal and diverse. 

6) fast shipping

They were correct when they said you'll get an email 5-10 business days of when it ships, they also ship pretty fast. Tracking is highly accurate. Also have not had a broken item and the box is very sturdy. 

September 2016

Studio makeup on the go palette; this had minimal fallout, they are neutral colors it's small and sleek. They stay on real well with a primer. Their copper color right in the center is so ridiculously gorgeous, I can't stop swatching it. $49.95 usd 

Butter London nailpolish; I believe it's called yummy mummy, I like the formula, nailpolish hardly looks good on my bitten short stubby nails. I gave it to my mom and she loves it and looks great on her long pretty nails. $18 usd

Hairgurt hair mask; the scent is so good I wish strawberry banana things smelt as great as this. I had to use a good chunk of the bottle because my hair is almost waste length and thick. But my hair is also fried. As of right now my hair is still damp since I used it earlier but since my hair is still damp after this long it means my hair is holding moisture. My hair has been so fried that usually it dries within 5-10 minutes. My hair smells great and feels better. I still have a lot of hair mask left $10 usd ($24 for full size)

Hikari eyeliner; only product I wasn't happy with. The pigment was great and smudged well but it irritates my eyes. Some irritate my eyes and some don't and never been sure why. Marc Jacobs gel liner makes my eyes irritated too :( so I've been sticking with my it cosmetics gel liner. $13 usd

Pur lipgloss; mine was a brown color which I'm not usually into brown but it actually looks decent on me. It doesn't slide like usual gloss and is more pigmented than I thought. Packaging was beautiful. $22 usd (on sale at ulta right now for $8.80) 

August 2016

Tacha oil blotting papers; really does removal oil without budging my makeup. I didn't realize how much oil I had until I used it. Both sides can be used and keeps my makeup flawless. $12 usd

Dirty little secret liquid lipstick; a beautiful cherry red, it dries fast and is amazingly lightweight. It lasts a long time but does get a little flaky eventually if you eat anything messy like any liquid lipstick. $10 usd 

Ofra magnetic z palette; it's a magnetic palette that came with 6 ofra shadows. Was really happy to get this because it's large and I can buy single pan shadows and they'll stay put in the palette, or depot my single shadows. The shadow themselves are alright, quite a bit of fallout with the more matte shadows but the glitter ones are gorgeous. $59 usd

Aloe pure time repair serum; it's slightly sticky at first but isn't after it dries. I use this instead of moisturizer sometimes or before bed and it helps keep my skin soft. $48 usd

Amplilash mascara; it was alright, was a pretty good mascara but doesn't beat my holy grail. I gave it to my mom because I have mascara already and she never splurges on mascara. Been trying to keep her free from chemicaly mascara. She really likes it and it doesn't irritate her eyes. $23 usd

This is my referral link if you want to sign up through it. Or just go to and sign up.

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